Miniatures Presentation 

Presentation of Miniatures

When Lt. Col. Joe Osullivan took over as CO of 2 Para he was informed by the outgoing CO, then, Lt. Col. James Chiswell MC of the work the reunion club had done in the past undertaking various projects to support the Battalion. He informed us of his vision to see every man that had lost his life in action while serving in 2 Para since the end of WW11 to be recognised in some special way. His suggestion was to reproduce all medals they held at the time of their death in miniature. These would then be framed and placed in a prominent position at the new Merville Barracks. He asked if we, the reunion club would take this on as a latest project, this of course we agreed to.

With great support from C/Sgt James Childs, who identified the names, medals, and in which campaigns these men had lost their lives we set about aquiring them. With the Battalion away on Operation Herrick 8 in Afghanistan there was a lot of long distance correspondence, and by early August we had just about got there. Sadly as we all now know the list got longer as the Btn lost members during the tour. However every one of those men's names and medals are included. The medals were sent to Colchester on the Battalion's return where they would be framed.

The CO and RSM kindly invited Dave, Roly, and myself to travel to Colchester on December 11th which was the day of the Chistmas dinner to formerly present the medals to the Battalion on behalf of the 2 Para Reunion Club. We were given a very warm reception by the guys and after the dinner were invited to both the Sgts and Officers mess's for the obligitory drinks. Not all the frames were brought to the presentation, and as the Battalion is still in the process of moving into the new barracks the finished frames are not yet hung in place. They will eventually be hung at Battalion HQ outside the CO's and RSM's offices for all to see.


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Latest Medal Project

.Following the medals project mentioned above, Lt Col Harrison MBE CO 2 Para 2009-2011 wanted to continue this to include members of 2 Para  KIA in WW11, (2 Para only). This would involve a huge amount of research and asked club member Gil Boyd to take on this task. Gil of course has this sort of experience after setting up Gravewatch. This was to be a joint effort between the club and the Btn.

After the research was successfully completed it was found that there were 211 men KIA from 1941 to 1945 with the total amount of medals being 949. These were all to be put into their own respective campaigns for framing. Although Gil had already identified who was KIA and in which campaign the list for framing was done by WO11 Mark Chadwick with everything being collated by OC rear party Maj Dominic Hill.

Chairman Dave Singletary and myself met with Maj Dominic Hill, Capt Tony Hobbins and WO11 Mark Chadwick in Bournemouth at the premises of the company that had been given the job of undertaking this work. The club had used these previously and found them to do this type of work to the highest standard.

On completion we met again at Bournemouth, but this time with Maj D Hill only as the company of both Capt Hobbins and WO11 Chadwick were required in Afghanistan. Maj Hill brought many of the finished frames along to the Blackpool reunion for the members to view and I have to say they look spectacular.

These frames will be officially presented to the Btn at a later date, probably in June at the medals parade.


The newly framed miniatures have now been officially presented to Btn and have pride of place at Btn HQ for all to see. To view photos follow the link below.